ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS – perfect if you want to learn to dance. We can deal with two left feet,  being unfit, mature age and any other reason you may think up. Be brave, be curious, try an online dance class!  If the tech scares you, we can even arrange a session to get you familiar with this new reality in our lives.

Why not try an ADVANCED class? Relive the thrill and challenge of dancing again!



  • For those with little or no dance experience.
  • Variety of styles adapted to work for the beginner mature dancer – think attitude, think Diva, think a confident, more supple and fitter you!


  • For the more mature dancer with previous formal dance training, either in a DD class or elsewhere.
  • Choreographed dances  – more technical, styling, technique
  • Variety of dance styles – salsa, latin, ballroom, burlesque, jazz, line dancing, contemporary


We will be back in business once COVID-19 is a distant memory.  We operate in the Greater Cape Town area.

Why not put yourself centre stage at your own party or event?

  • Be-a-Diva parties
  • Themed line-dancing
  • Bride-to-be dance parties
  • Wedding party group dances
  • Flashmobs

about us

Dancing Divas opened its doors in Pretoria in 2009 because our founder, Tina James, could not find a suitable space where she could live out her dancing dreams. At the time. she was 54, had anything but a dancer’s body and many grey hairs. But she loved dance and believed that all women should experience the thrill of donning a costume and the magic of dancing with feathers. Seeing the opportunity, Tina used her dance expertise and background in entrepreneurship development to springboard the creation of a dance space where women could embrace their changing bodies and dance with women closer to their own age and ability. Dancing Divas was born!

                 And how we have danced for the past 11 years!  We have transformed lives, created a sisterhood of Dancing Divas and made a difference in many lives:

–   4000+ women from all over Gauteng & Cape Town have experienced the special brand of magic we created through our classes
–   Many more have been entertained through our dance events – weddings, birthdays, bride-to-be parties.
–   We have trained 20 instructors using our specially-designed Dancing Divas instructor training programme with a focus on dance instruction for the mature dancer. 
–   Our past instructors have used their DD experience to start their own small studios, others have gained skills and confidence to move forward in their careers.

As with many other small businesses, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and difficult economic climate have presented us with our biggest challenge since we opened our doors. Sadly, we have had to close all our 12 Gauteng studios but we are working on re-inventing ourselves. New possibilities, new opportunities!
We thank all past and present Dancing Divas for their support, love and caring, and for dancing along the journey with us. Go well and keep dancing!