ADVANCED dance classes

An option for the mature ex-dancer – experience the joy of dance at Dancing Divas Online.

Studio classes will resume from January 2021 in Cape Town Northern Suburbs

These classes aim to meet the needs of dancers who have moved have previous formal dance experience, and who may not have danced for a number of years.  At Dancing Divas we understand that you may no longer be able to do a split and that your body may be larger and a lot less dance fit than it used to be. We will build up your strength, flexibility and fitness levels – all with other women of a mature age (40+).  You will not be alone in dealing with dance in a totally different way and with a more mature version of your former self.


  • Dance choreographies become more complex and with more emphasis on technique and styling.
  • We do not participate in competitions or exams; most of our mature dancers have enough pressure in their everyday lives and want to dance without another layer of ‘things to do’.
  • Expect to be dancing a variety of styles – ballroom, latin, contemporary, jazz, advanced line dancing and quite a few of our own ‘fusion’ choreographies.
  • These classes will appeal to those who would like to stretch themselves beyond what they think they can do and who would love to show off their dance abilities, who miss the pizzazz of the makeup, costumes, long rehearsals and of course, the bling.
  • And finally, you will discover the joy of seeing yourself transform through dance – more confident and with a fitter body – welcome to the ‘Sisterhood of the Dancing Divas’!