Haven't danced for years?

Why not try one of our more advanced classes (L3 – L4). Relive the thrill and challenge of dancing again! Join at any time.

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Dance-time, fun-time, it’s showtime!


2 -3 times per year, we will be celebrating, in dance, what you have learnt in  class. Each class gets to dance a choreography with or without their instructor. This gives you a chance to see what is happening in all our classes, to meet all our lovely instructors, and to dance and socialise with all the fabulous women who dance in our studio.

Black is the colour to wear – no need for costumes or special outfits. Just you, the dance and plenty of Diva attitude!
SHOWCASE Once a year, all our Dancing Divas come together to celebrate in dance – from beginners to our advanced levels. We choose a theme, and then all our instructors prepare their choreographies around this theme. After the show (about 90 minutes), we take a short break and then our Divas and their visitors get to dance the rest of the afternoon – short, easy routines that we teach and dance.
Any DD can participate, but this is entirely voluntary. Most women love the dressing-up, the make-up, the sheer joy of dancing in front of an audience. Others are not so sure about whether they want this experience.
Our advice? – be daring, take a little risk and get yourself onto that dance floor. Most women end up surprising themselves at how much they enjoy the experience and their new level of confidence. After all, we are Dancing Divas and we bring out the Diva (sometime very well-hidden) in our ladies!

Check out our photo gallery to see what fun we have at our dance events.