Take line dancing to another level - with styling, props and technique. We include line dancing in all our regular and Golden Girls classes - with pizzazz and style!

Why not try our advanced classes (Level 3). Relive the thrill and challenge of dancing again! Join at any time.

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Not sure what line dancing is?

These are dances made up of a choreographed repeating dance sequence that is danced in lines or rows, with everyone doing the same routine and facing in the same direction. Usually, the dances are repeated facing different walls.

We do not offer separate line dance classes but include line dancing as part of our regular Dancing Divas classes, particularly at the beginners and less advanced levels. We teach routines in various line dance styles e.g. Country Western style (boots and hats) and some of the other styles of line dance.

We believe that fitness and flexibility are an important part of your dance training so all our classes include cardio and dance conditioning.