Add a touch of dance magic to your event.

Offered in the Greater Cape Town area.


Have you dreamed of dancing in front of a crowd but never thought it would ever happen? Why not create this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself? We work with you to create a dance just for you, with your choice of music and costume. Even the simplest of dance routines can be turned into a moment of magic – let us help you find the Dancing Diva in you!

Want to add a team to your magic moment? That’s also possible. We create a short and simple choreography (usually 1½ – 2½ minutes), you come to one of our studios to learn and practice your dance number, and we help to make it happen for you on your big day.

Want to go Cowboy? Crave a bit of Latin Mambo and loads of hip moves? Dying to do some smooth old-time dancing?
We offer line dance instruction for your special events. Let us teach your guests a few simple line dances – you choose the theme and we work with you to choose the music and the dances. Usually 45 – 60 minutes. We travel to your venue and can provide a sound system for the duration of the line dance session (if required).

Treat the bride-to-be to a dance class as part of her kitchen tea / bachelorette party. A little burlesque, a few feathers, add some hats and turn it into a fun dance session. Usually 60 minutes. We can travel to the venue of your choice and get your friends and family to create a dance party of their own.

Want to surprise the bride and groom with a special dance? We can help you to create a customised dance to perform at the wedding. Whether it’s Thriller or a Cha Cha or maybe even a farmstyle knees-up kind of dance, we can keep it simple but fun. Be prepared to put in a couple of hours of practice!